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Why? Why do many customers choose HEALTHLAND SAUNA

HEALTHLAND uses advanced low-temperature sweating technology, so that people can enjoy sauna easily in the aerobic music environment of 40-60 degrees Celsius, and the whole family can use it. Carbon nano-spectrum heating plate simulates human body spectrum, emits far-infrared biological spectrum similar to human body, penetrates into skin, resonates with cells, produces internal heat and low temperature sweating.
HEALTHLAND has low power, only 1-2 kW, equivalent to the power of a rice cooker....

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    HEALTHLAND is a professional sauna manufacturer leader.Since 1993, HEALTHLAND has been committing to Research and Development of the infrared sauna. More than dozen year's experience made HEALTHLAND stand the test of time.

    Owning 60,000 square meters factory and most advanced production-lines, HEALTHLAND has annual producing capacity of 60,000 pieces.

    Usage of large numetric control woodworking machine ensures the processing accuracy of every piece of wood.The advanced 5A Wood drying art greatly extends the life of wood products and stability of moisture protection.

    HEALTHLAND always firmly believes that "Quality Creates Brand" and is strictly carrying out the Quality Manage System to creat high quality sauna life.


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